1. Trinidad Bus Station, Cuba

  2. Lake Louise, Canada // 2011


  3. I have recieved a few new followers which is great. But this blog will not have any new updates. It was just used to document a trip in 2011.

    You can check out my trip for 2013 here if you want.

    Brett Chesterfield


  4. Ash at Sugarloaf Rock, 35mm

  5. Bunker Bay, 35mm

  6. Christmas Lunch, 35mm

  7. Bunker Bay, 35mm Film


  8. Wet Plate photography and amazing human beings are doing my head in.


  9. This guy is amazing.


  10. It begins again…

    25th of March

    Perth > KL > Osaka

  11. Chelsea Markets, NYC

    120 Film

  12. Street Art, NYC

    120 Film

  13. Brooklyn, NYC

  14. Lourve/Eiffel Tower, Paris
    Double Exposure 120 FilmĀ 

  15. Burn, Paris

    120 Film